Sauls Storage Group Partners with Leading Construction Firm to Revolutionize Self Storage Development & Construction

Sauls Storage Group, the premier Investment Sales Self Storage Specialist, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Ra-Lin Construction and Linco Development to offer construction and development services to the self-storage industry as a general contractor.

Ra-Lin, founded in 1972 and headquartered in Carrollton, Georgia, brings over 50 years of expertise in commercial construction, with a portfolio exceeding $2 billion. This partnership marks a significant step forward for Sauls Storage Group, combining their industry-leading self-storage knowledge with Ra-Lin’s exceptional construction capabilities.

The Sauls Storage Group Services will encompass traditional bid, design-build, and turnkey development solutions. This integration perfectly complements the company’s commitment to enhancing property valuations and aiding owners in maximizing their storage investments, turning dirt into doors into dollars.

“We are thrilled to join forces with such a reputable company that shares our values and commitment to excellence,” stated Luke Sauls, Vice President & Principal of Sauls Storage Group.

“We pride ourselves on being a specialized team of self-storage experts with comprehensive knowledge of market conditions, material costs, and skilled labor, ensuring efficient project delivery,” remarked Wil Garrett, Vice President of Development.  “Our aim is to provide investors with a seamless experience, functioning as their dedicated in-house construction and development team,” Garrett emphasized.

As interest in the storage industry continues to surge, Sauls Storage Group recognizes the importance of offering investors a knowledgeable and experienced partner. The company remains steadfast in its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of property owners and maximizing property value.

“Sauls Storage Group is committed to delivering tailored solutions to storage facility owners, fostering strong relationships, and driving success within the storage industry,” affirmed Jane H. Sauls, CCIM Partner & Principal, who brings a wealth of experience in self-storage development to the partnership.

The Underline: READY…

Proactive Strategies for Self-Storage Success

In today’s ever-changing economic climate, it’s imperative to operate your self-storage facility with a proactive mindset. Even if a sale isn’t on your immediate horizon, being prepared for opportunities ensures you can maximize returns when the time comes.

As seasoned experts in the self-storage industry, we emphasize the importance of readiness for sale. Market conditions can shift suddenly, impacting property performance and valuation. Therefore, adopting strategies to enhance your facility’s value is essential.

One crucial aspect to focus on is facility valuation. Understanding the formula linking Net Operating Income (NOI) to sale price empowers you to identify areas for improvement. Tracking metrics such as rent roll, occupancy rates, and debt-service payments provides insights into performance and potential.

To bolster income and protect NOI, implementing revenue management strategies like incremental rent increases can yield substantial gains. By spreading adjustments throughout the year, you can steadily boost revenue and positively impact valuation over time.

 Stay tuned for our next newsletter, where we’ll delve deeper into maximizing income and operational excellence to optimize your self-storage facility’s value.


The Underline: Sauls Storage Group Expands Reach to Serve Owners Nationwide

Sauls Storage Group is proud to announce its strategic growth initiative, extending its services beyond the southeast region to collaborate with storage facility owners nationwide.

With an established presence at national industry tradeshows and a robust network of buyers across the country, Sauls is well-positioned to provide unparalleled brokerage services. This transition aligns seamlessly with our commitment to enhancing property valuations and assisting owners in optimizing their storage investments.

“This expansion is a natural fit for Sauls Storage Group as we already engage with industry leaders at National tradeshows and connect with buyers on a national scale,” said Jane H. Sauls, CCIM, partner at Sauls Storage Group.

As the storage industry experiences increased consolidation, we recognize the growing trend of investors owning properties in multiple states. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of owners nationwide, offering essential services to navigate the evolving landscape.

“We understand the industry’s shift towards consolidation, with more investors growing their portfolios across state lines. Our extended reach allows us to meet the needs of owners across the country and facilitate effective exit strategies,” added partner Luke Sauls.


We remain committed to delivering valuable solutions to storage facility owners, fostering mutually beneficial relationships, and contributing to the success of the storage industry on a national scale.

The Underline: Did You Miss It?

Did you miss it? 

Are you second-guessing yourself on not selling already? 

Wondering if it’s too late?

Have you missed your window in this real estate cycle?

Amidst the rising interest rates and a downturn in transaction volume, it’s crucial to understand the facts and silence the noise of fear and uncertainty. Let’s parallel your life cycle with the real estate cycle and have a candid discussion about what’s next for you. It might be better than you think, but we won’t sugarcoat it.

All asset classes have experienced a 19% drop since peak valuations, with self-storage down 14% for that period. However, owners and investors alike will be encouraged to know that self-storage valuations have surged by 55% since December 2019.

Is it too late for you to sell this cycle? The answer depends on various factors, and it’s crucial to have someone who understands the market and can position you based on your company’s personal goals.

At Sauls Storage Group, we specialize in navigating these shifts strategically. Despite the challenges, opportunities abound. Let’s craft a plan tailored to your unique circumstances. Call Sauls Storage Group today and let’s shape a successful path forward.


* Stats from


We are here to be sure that you’ve positioned yourself for success in an ever-evolving market.

The Underline: Finish Strong!

Self Storage, being a hyper-local focused business, will likely encounter various obstacles in 2024. You’ll be wise to focus on what YOU can control yet have a clear understanding of how the market conditions beyond your control impact the value of your facility.

Dive into “Valuations Today & Seamless Succession Tomorrow” – a comprehensive presentation of the current and future state of the self storage asset class including interest rate trends, existing customer rate increases, real life scenarios, and considerations for passing your facility to family.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Commercial real estate is a long game.
  • Nothing magical happens when we flip the calendar to 2024.
  • Run your business today as if you are selling it tomorrow.
  • The more you understand the macroeconomic “logic” the better you can position yourself in your micro market.
  • Don’t confuse market timing with being good at something – If you know better, then do better.
  • Little things can have big results if executed consistently.

The self-storage industry requires a strategic mindset! Sauls Storage Group is here to help you finish strong in 2023 and beyond. Let’s talk and prioritize your  long-term thinking into  proactive daily actions.

We are here to be sure that you’ve positioned yourself for success in an ever-evolving market.

The Underline: Here, There, and Everywhere!

Sauls has enjoyed an eventful couple of months traveling to Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia. It has been great to connect with old faces and make new friends. If you were unable to catch us on the road, not to worry! We are always available to answer your questions and help you strategize for the future. Below are some of the topics we covered:

  1. How is Self Storage performing compared to other commercial real estate asset classes?
  2. If I’m not a seller do interest rates and valuations even matter?
  3. If street rates are softening, how can I grow my revenue?
  4. Who are these people that call me every day wanting to buy my property?
  5. How much is my property really worth in today’s market?
  6. What are the road bumps if I’m passing it on to family members?

Regardless of what season you are in as an owner, it is always beneficial to run your business today as if you are going to sell it tomorrow.

Maximizing your investment.


Let Sauls Storage Group help you plan for the future!

Stunning Curb Appeal > Increases Rentals > Boosts Value!

While owners understand that move-outs are a natural part of the self-storage business model, the past few months have presented challenges in gaining occupancy traction. Enhancing curb appeal is vital for facilities to attract more rentals and improve occupancy rates. Despite some markets having high rental activity, the net impact on occupancy has been minimal due to seasonal spikes in move-outs. To address this, focus on primary and secondary curb appeal.

For primary curb appeal, ensure signage is clean, visible, and resonates with the community. Well-maintained bollards, keypads, and pest control boxes create a positive impression. Daytime and nighttime appeal matter too, so keep lights in good condition and maintain the surrounding landscape.

Secondary curb appeal, what the customer experiences while onsite, is equally important. Clean exterior doors, addressing safety concerns like wasp nests, and maintaining areas like doormats, lights, walls, and storefront doors enhance customer satisfaction.

 Instead of price wars, build a positive relationship with the community and customers for long-term returns. As a storage owner, prioritize long-term gains in your routine to captivate investors.

If you are currently a storage owner, or looking to become one, let’s work together to achieve your goals!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It…

You’ve probably heard the big news by now: Extra Space has acquired Life Storage and has become the largest operator, accounting for approximately 13% of square feet in the storage industry. And let’s not forget that in the fall of 2022 they acquired Storage Express which was over 100 remote locations.

But what’s important is how this can impact your facility! The reality is that the “big guys” are no longer contained in the primary markets. The public companies and other top operators have increased their square footage ownership by 11% since 2021 according to the Self-Storage Almanacs.

The secondary and tertiary markets are becoming the sought after product by every size investor desiring to grow their portfolio or enter the industry. As an existing owner, you could be forced to compete with business plans that have various objectives and expectations. The competition’s economies of scale applied to management and marketing resources will be a challenge that the single store owner will face.

It’s important that you are positioning yourself for success and are hyper-focused on your operations. It is equally important to fully understand what’s happening in your local market that can impact your property’s value!

Know your numbers, know your market, and know someone who understands your needs. We are here to help you strategize how to maximize your cashflow and valuation! Contact us today for a self storage valuation audit.

At Sauls Storage Group, we specialize in maximizing self storage owners’ return of investment, while taking the stress out of the process.

Are You Positioned for Success?

The buzz words in our industry are “recession resistant” and “downturn proof.” And I will say that I have never driven by a property that was once a self storage facility and is now converted to another use. But I have seen numerous other property types that are now attractive self storage businesses. As a culture – self storage is here to stay, as 1 in 3 Americans use self storage according to What you may not realize from a drive-by is that just because a facility is thriving today, doesn’t mean it didn’t struggle during the last downturn or that the same entity still owns it. As the economy shifts, inflation soars and interest rates rise, the new supply takes longer to lease up and the added supply to the existing market can create a dormancy or decline for the existing self storage businesses.

It’s important that you are positioning yourself for success and hyper focused on your operations. It is equally important to fully understand what’s happening in your local market that can impact your property’s value!

Know your numbers, know your market, and know someone who understands your needs. We are here to help you strategize how to maximize your cashflow and valuation! Contact us today for a full strategy review and property valuation.

At Sauls Storage Group, we specialize in maximizing self storage owners’ return of investment, while taking the stress out of the process.