Stunning Curb Appeal > Increases Rentals > Boosts Value!

While owners understand that move-outs are a natural part of the self-storage business model, the past few months have presented challenges in gaining occupancy traction. Enhancing curb appeal is vital for facilities to attract more rentals and improve occupancy rates. Despite some markets having high rental activity, the net impact on occupancy has been minimal due to seasonal spikes in move-outs. To address this, focus on primary and secondary curb appeal.

For primary curb appeal, ensure signage is clean, visible, and resonates with the community. Well-maintained bollards, keypads, and pest control boxes create a positive impression. Daytime and nighttime appeal matter too, so keep lights in good condition and maintain the surrounding landscape.

Secondary curb appeal, what the customer experiences while onsite, is equally important. Clean exterior doors, addressing safety concerns like wasp nests, and maintaining areas like doormats, lights, walls, and storefront doors enhance customer satisfaction.

 Instead of price wars, build a positive relationship with the community and customers for long-term returns. As a storage owner, prioritize long-term gains in your routine to captivate investors.

If you are currently a storage owner, or looking to become one, let’s work together to achieve your goals!

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