The Underline: Did You Miss It?

Did you miss it? 

Are you second-guessing yourself on not selling already? 

Wondering if it’s too late?

Have you missed your window in this real estate cycle?

Amidst the rising interest rates and a downturn in transaction volume, it’s crucial to understand the facts and silence the noise of fear and uncertainty. Let’s parallel your life cycle with the real estate cycle and have a candid discussion about what’s next for you. It might be better than you think, but we won’t sugarcoat it.

All asset classes have experienced a 19% drop since peak valuations, with self-storage down 14% for that period. However, owners and investors alike will be encouraged to know that self-storage valuations have surged by 55% since December 2019.

Is it too late for you to sell this cycle? The answer depends on various factors, and it’s crucial to have someone who understands the market and can position you based on your company’s personal goals.

At Sauls Storage Group, we specialize in navigating these shifts strategically. Despite the challenges, opportunities abound. Let’s craft a plan tailored to your unique circumstances. Call Sauls Storage Group today and let’s shape a successful path forward.


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We are here to be sure that you’ve positioned yourself for success in an ever-evolving market.

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