Built On Values.
Sold By Results.

Inspiring Loyalty

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Inspire loyalty. That is the cornerstone of who we are at the Sauls Storage Group, and we look forward to building relationships with each of our sellers and buyers. Sauls Storage Group focuses exclusively on self-storage transactions allowing us to help owners understand the value of their self-storage property by underwriting your asset according to current market conditions. We can assure you that with the personalized service we provide, we will find each seller the right buyer, and each buyer the right facility to add to their portfolio. Creating seamless transactions, maximizing client returns, and using our decades of knowledge is how we close more deals than other self-storage brokers in the Southeast.

Property Valuations

With a constant finger on the pulse of the industry, we keep track of the frequently changing property values.  Let Sauls Storage Group help you understand the value of your self-storage facility by providing you with a personalized property valuation.

Competitive Market Analysis

Want to know how your storage facility stacks up against your competition? Sauls Storage Group will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to give you an accurate comparison of your valuation and understanding of your current market position. 

Transaction Assistance

We assist our clients with each step of the transaction process. From learning your objectives to closing day, we do everything we can to ensure our clients have a painless and easy transaction process .