Putting Pen to Paper!

Small actions today can make a BIG difference in valuations tomorrow. Your focus must shift from how the self-storage asset class has performed in the last couple of years to how YOUR facility will perform moving forward. As cap rates increase, owners must be protective of their net operating income (NOI) and hyper-focused on all the controllable items. Here’s a strategy check-up preview comparing today with last year:

                                                                          Feb. 2023              Feb. 2022             +/-

$$ Actual Rent Roll                                       _____________         _____________       ________

# of Occupied Units                                     _____________         _____________       ________

# of Vacant Units                                          _____________         _____________       ________

$$ Delinquent Accounts (31+days)            _____________         _____________       ________

Debt Service Monthly Payment                  _____________         _____________       ________

These are just a few of the line items to keep your eye on in 2023 to ensure that you are positioned for success. Valuations are vital every day, not just when you are ready to sell. Owners negotiating financing terms in the next 24 months could face new challenges and should focus on:

Total loan balance:  ___________________

Today’s valuation:   ____________________

% of loan to value:  ____________________

Be sure to know your numbers and know someone who understands your needs. We are here to help you strategize how to maximize your cashflows and valuation! Contact us today for a full strategy review and property valuation.

At Sauls Storage Group, we specialize in maximizing self-storage owner’s return of investment, while taking the stress out of the process.

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