I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

? I’m dreaming of a white Christmas ?…..

Actually- I’m not! Because snow in the south is often times a nightmare. We aren’t prepared for it or seasoned in it. Sort of like owning a business during “a downturn,” if you’re not prepared for it or seasoned in it …your dreams can turn into a nightmare.

Although self storage has commonly been referred to as “recession proof” and “inflation resistant,” there are owners that have struggled during these times because they weren’t positioned for the shift. Those facilities are likely thriving today…. but with different owners.

Don’t stick your head in the snow (denial is not a strategy.) Let us work with you to analyze your property and make sure you’re doing all the things to maximize your valuation and to achieve the return on investment that you’re looking for monthly and in your end game.

And for the record, classic white on white doors and hallways is my idea of a white Christmas.

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